Hello 2021!

I am back!

I took a brief hiatus from writing to let things play in the world and work on a project that I have long talked about, but after about a year, finally was able to put it together to the level I found satisfactory.  More on that later!

The Short Squeeze

The big thing going on in the world (besides COVID) is the financial battle of wills between short sellers and a group of investors.

Simply put – short sellers bet against a company and profit when it declines.

Evidently, some folks didn’t take too kindly to it, identified the hedge funds that had bet big against certain companies, and decided to collectively put their power into pumping up the stock to hurt the short sellers.

To me this is just a bunch of noise, and a distraction, but it is occurring. 

The World Waits…

The world is currently waiting with anticipation for the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.  If this comes through it will be a game changer according to numerous news outlets, and something I have been hearing for a while.


Because it would be a one shot vaccine.

Fingers crossed!

Drum Roll Please…

So back to that project…Last year at this time, I launched the Financial Recon blog, which could not have occurred at a more crucial point during the year.  It allowed me to communicate and provide you insights as to my thinking, what was going on in the world, how it impacted you, and how to take advantage of potential opportunities ahead.

But as things calmed down, I thought what would be even cooler is to have you join me ‘in the room’ to hear the discussions that take place. This would allow you to gain a better understanding of everything going on the world through the viewpoint of sources from both the financial and non-financial industry.  I want to host a variety of experts simply because everyone has something to contribute, and knowledge is wealth.

So with that, I am happy to introduce the Financial Recon Podcast!

Right now it is available on Spotify and on the front of the Financial Recon page.  Eventually it will be on Google Podcasts as well.

I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I did making it.  Each episode will be approximately 30 minutes in length, and focus on all sorts of different topics. Ultimately, I hope this podcast will help you along the way and provide you more information and clarity into my processes. And who knows – that irrelevant piece of information may just make you the hero at trivia night!

The first episode is something I thought couldn’t be more fitting for the times: ‘Here Comes the Tax Man’, where I have a conversation with Jason Dinesen of Dinesen Tax & Accounting about tax law changes in 2020 and 2021, and what may be headed our way with this new administration.

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