September Swoon

A couple years ago on one of my early morning flights, I felt like luck was on my side:

I scored an empty couple of seats next to me, and was relaxing when the flight attendant asked me what would be my drink selection.

Being nice and early, a nice steaming cup of joe, sounded perfect..

It was, until we hit turbulence as we descended.

The crew was ordered to sit down for their safety, and for everyone to buckle up.

Totally makes sense…Except there I was with a cup of steaming coffee, and no lid, descending through the air, being bounced around like a piece of cloth in a dryer… the whole time, hot coffee splashing on my hand.

Did it hurt? Sure. But the key point of this story being that the pain was temporary, just like the selloff that is occurring today.

To put it in perspective, here are a couple of great infographics from LPL’s Research team:

And while we may have a handful of days to go, I want to reinforce that while we are at all time highs in the markets. There are pockets of opportunity developing everyday, where there are fantastic businesses on sale that you can own.

Cause when you look back, this is temporary, just like the pain in my hand that day…

Courtesy: Derek Hagen

Disclosure: Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

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