Markets Love a Flight Plan

Today, we are roughly 2 weeks out from the 2020 election. Like most of you, I am sick of the ads and constant coverage and yearn for not having to view political ads every 10 minutes… Over the past couple of weeks, folks have wondered what my thoughts were on the election and how itContinue reading “Markets Love a Flight Plan”

How the Loss of Our Heroes/Sheroes Can Shape Our Estate Plan

This year it seems like every day there is a notice that we have lost another person: Whether it be Bob Gibson, RBG, Tom Seaver, Eddie Van Halen, or the over 200,000 other Americans who have been taken from us due to the coronavirus. 2020 has already been a sobering year. One where our ownContinue reading “How the Loss of Our Heroes/Sheroes Can Shape Our Estate Plan”

How Going Back to School Can Impact our Kids Relationship with Money

This past weekend, my wife and I made the decision to enroll our kids in the virtual option offered by their school for the fall semester. It was a difficult decision for a myriad of reasons, but the reason I wanted to share this with you is because I know that a lot of folksContinue reading “How Going Back to School Can Impact our Kids Relationship with Money”

Q2 Google Search & Investor Trends

As we closed the 2nd quarter a couple of weeks ago, I wanted to see if the data we initially began tracking in our post A Tale of Two Charts revealed any new clues about investors behavior in relation to the markets as this is our first full quarter filled with pandemic implemented policies. SomeContinue reading “Q2 Google Search & Investor Trends”

What Hamilton Can Teach Us About Investing…

Much like every household this past weekend, we gathered round to watch the much anticipated release of ‘Hamilton’.  And all I will say is that it is phenomenal, and Kristin and I couldn’t stop signing along to the songs that were trapped in our head.  So there is my review, for what it’s worth.  IContinue reading “What Hamilton Can Teach Us About Investing…”

What Happened to the Market Yesterday? & What YOU Should Do….

Please buckle your seat belt, we are about to experience some turbulence… It would have been nice if Chairman Powell had ended his press conference this week with that warning. And with that, the S&P 500 was lower by 5.9% at the close of business June 11, 2020. So why this now?  We seemed toContinue reading “What Happened to the Market Yesterday? & What YOU Should Do….”