Hello 2021!

I am back! I took a brief hiatus from writing to let things play in the world and work on a project that I have long talked about, but after about a year, finally was able to put it together to the level I found satisfactory.  More on that later! The Short Squeeze The bigContinue reading “Hello 2021!”

A Tale of Two Charts

Several weeks ago in my post, I wrote about how during the Global Financial Crisis of ‘08-‘09, investor’s risk appetite was almost 5 months behind the actual bottoming of the stock market. Fast Forward to 2020, and the chart clearly illustrates a different scenario: What’s interesting to note is that the VIX (the fear gauge)Continue reading “A Tale of Two Charts”

The Clampdown

Happy Monday! So, as I write this, the markets are in the green.  Why is that? Considering things are on hold till at least April 30… Green Shoots! First on Friday evening, Abbott Laboratories announced emergency FDA approval of their COVID19 test, that can provide a positive result in 5 minutes!  Abbott is able toContinue reading “The Clampdown”