Money Lessons from Uncle Jack

During the previous 2 episodes, Dr. Brad Klontz discussed money scripts & money stories. After Brad & I recorded our episodes our family experienced an unexpected event. And I thought this was a an opportunity to share with you a peak into my money story and the influence my uncle had on my money scripts.

Q2 Google Search & Investor Trends

As we closed the 2nd quarter a couple of weeks ago, I wanted to see if the data we initially began tracking in our post A Tale of Two Charts revealed any new clues about investors behavior in relation to the markets as this is our first full quarter filled with pandemic implemented policies. SomeContinue reading “Q2 Google Search & Investor Trends”

Lessons from the Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting

Every year folks anxiously line up outside the arena in Omaha, waiting to hear Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger deliver their opinions on all things. Like most other things this year, there was a change, and we were watching Mr. Buffett and Vice Chairman Greg Abel sit in a 18,000 seat arena pretty much byContinue reading “Lessons from the Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting”